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Suggested itineraries:
17 days – Ghana, Togo, Benin
18 days – Burkina, Mali
15 days – Ghana
11 days – Niger


Arrival and departure: ACCRA, Ghana

Day 1 Accra
Arrival and transfer to hotel, with briefing

Day 2 Accra
Visit the capitol of Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast, including the National Museum, the old capitol city, and fantasy coffin makers

Day 3 Accra–Cape Coast
We travel west to the oldest European settlement on the West African coast. Elmina Castle, the oldest European construction in sub-Saharan Africa, was originally built for legitimate trade, such as ivory, gold, cola nuts and spices. The castle was later converted into a slave trading post in the late 16th century.

Day 4 Cape Coast—Kumasi
The road leads us to some of the most virgin forest on the coast, where we will walk on a suspension bridge in the tree tops. We will have the opportunity to visit the “African pharmacy”, to learn about herbs and plants that are used in healing. After lunch, we head for Kumasi, the Land of Gold.

Day 5 Kumasi
We will visit the central market of Kumasi, the largest and oldest in market in West Africa. This market was the end of the Trans-Saharan trade route that linked tropical Africa with the Mediterranean, India and China. Afterwards we proceed to the Royal Palace museum, which has gold ornaments used by the former Asante kings. The kingdom developed during the early 16th century, at the time of slavery.

After lunch, we visit Bonwire, a suburb of Kumasi, where the kente fabric is said to be born. The fabric is hand woven into colourful patterns, which have symbolic meaning.

Day 6 Kumasi—Akossombo
We pass to the land of the Ewe and the Krobo, where girls are still initiated into adulthood. Beads are very essential here for initiations and Voodoo celebrations. We will visit some local bead makers.

Day 7 Akossombo—Lome, Togo
We visit the most interesting museum on Ewe culture in Ho and continue to Lome, the capitol of Togo. We will stop at some Ewe villages en route.

Day 8 Lome—Grand Popo, Benin
Togo was a former German colony, before the first World War. We will visit the Grande Marche to see the Nana Benzes (named after their favourite cars)—who rule the market.

We will visit the largest fetish market in Lome, to see and learn about the ingredients needed for the realization of Voodoo religion. In the afternoon, we will visit a traditional hospital, where the doctor cures his patients with herbs and Voodoo spiritually. O/N Auberge Grand Popo

Day 9 Grand Popo
We sail on the Mono River, through mangroves and visiting the interesting islands where salt is produced, twins are celebrated, ending at the estuary. After lunch, we will attend an authentic Zangbeto Voodoo ceremony.

Day 10 Grand Popo—Abomey
Abomey was the capitol of the Dahomean kingdom, famous for its prowess in warfare and gruesome image. We visit the royal palace in Abomey , now a museum that houses objects used by the kings. The museum contains sacred houses built with human blood, seashell, gold dust and also has a tomb 41 wives, who were buried alive to serve the dead king, in the next world.

Day 11 Abomey—Ouidah
After breakfast, depart for a 3 hour ride to Ganvie, a lake city built on stilts. Ganvie means refuge or saved.

Day 12 Ouidah
Ouidah was the slave port most responsible for the export of the Voodoo religion to the New World. Visit to important shrines and the Museum of Ouidah.

Day 13 Ouidah
Today, the tenth of January is a national holiday for the celebration of the religion Voodoo. We will assist in the ceremonies.

Day 14 Oudiah—Lome
Ewe, Fon and Yoruba consider Voodoo the oldest religion in the world and therefore, have always elected a DAGBOHOUNON, the supreme leader of all the deities and Voodoos. The role of the DAGBOHOUNON is similar to the Pope, in the Catholic religion. He is responsible for all deities and Voodoo priests and priestesses. We will have an audience with him. In the late afternoon, we leave for Lome.

Day 15 Lome—Accra
Transfer to Accra and a day room, near the airport. Departure.

Tour includes:
Hotels and meals

Does not include:
Any drinks other than water
Costs of photography
Tips to staff

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