West Africa Map

GHANA – The former Gold Coast, first independent nation in Africa, home of the oldest European settlements in sub-Saharan Africa, elaborate fishing villages, witches’ villages, slave sites and fortresses, painted mud houses, and the complex Ashanti kingdoms.
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TOGO AND BENIN – Home of the oldest African religion (Voodoo), fire dances, fortified mud castles, wildlife, cities on stilts, the largest native markets, Voodoo shrines and convents.

BURKINA FASO – Formerly Upper Volta, home of masked dances, animism, painted homes, and Sahelian livestock markets.

MALI – Home of the cave-dwelling Dogons, the legendary Timbuktu, voyages along the Niger river, and Saharan expeditions.

Here is a sampling of events we have visited in the past. We can usually suggest something for any time of the year. Keep in mind that these festivals are celebrated by and for their people, and are not tourist events.

September is the month when the people of Guen in Aneho, the German capital of Togo, have their “Kpesso,” revealing the colored stone that determines the fate of the year.

Puberty rites for the girls’ initiation in Kroboland is held in April in Eastern Ghana.

Evala is the ceremony for boys passing into manhood through wrestling in the Kabyes region of Togo in July.

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