I am pleased to welcome you to West Africa. Born in Southern Ghana, I am the son of a Christian mother and a Voodoo priest father. I have over twenty two years of experience creating and leading tours throughout the West African kingdoms. Fluent in nine local and three European languages, I interpret and explain traditional beliefs, rituals, and ceremonies.

My leading interests are in Ethnicity,Construction of Identity, Scarifications, Masks, Initiations and the use of knowledge in Secret Societies through Oracles. I have led specialized research tours on subjects as diverse as the fantasy coffins of Ghana, iron smelting and fabrication, tribal scarification, Voodoo ceremonies, Voodoo ingredient markets, and herbal African pharmacy. As a proud African, I am excited to share my continent with you.

Godfried Peter Agbezudor, founder of Continent Explorer

Godfried Agbezudor

Kakum Rainforest

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